To start out the review we went to some sand pits to check out what the Rhino was capable of as far as climbing and power over rough terrain. We were overly pleased with the performance of the 450, which seemed to climb anything we put it up against with ease. There were a few times where I was concerned that it was getting very light on off chamber situations, but this is mainly attributed to the stock rims and tires which give the Rhino a very narrow stance. When we got in these situations we continued on and never did turn the Rhino over. I was pleased with the stability even with the stock tires and rims.


            During the first set of tests at the sand pits we had the 450 out there alone. After the initial testing was done we went back and got a 350 Rancher with a HighLifter lift kit and 26Ē Mud Lite tires. We had the Rancher ride around the sand pits and see if the 450 could follow it around on stock tires. It seemed during our test that no matter where the Rancher went the Rhino was right on itís tail, and could not leave it no matter how hard it tried. There were even several situations where the 450 would have to push the Rancher over steep inclines. We also went back and tested with a 250 Timberwolf, which is much lighter than any other 4x4 ATV on the market and it could not climb as well as our bone stock 450 Rhino.


            Trail riding was nothing short of a blast on our Rhino. We rode some very challenging trails that had steep inclines with some pretty severe washouts, over large trees, climbing very steep grades, mud, sand, water, rocks, and just about anything else we could find. There were several places we found that the ATVís were avoiding and getting stuck that the 450 Rhino just powered through fairly easy. We pushed ATVís over logs, up rutted out hills, and even drug some through some pretty serious stuff. We came up to climbs that were almost straight up that the Rhino tackled easily. Some inclines were steep enough that we were the only ones who would dare try them.


            On the second day we decided to put the 450 Rhino through the ultimate test. We took the 29.5Ē Outlaws from the Monster Grizz and slapped them on the 450 and took it out for a ride. We put it through its paces in a lot of holes and I was honestly extremely surprised at the performance of the machine. It seemed that as long as we stayed in limited slip 4-wheel drive the machine would not bog even with the massive tires. We did bog it down one time with it in differential lock 4 wheel drive, but too itís credit the hole did give our 350 Rancher with 26Ē Mud Liteís a little trouble as far as turning the tires. We backed up; put the 450 in limited slip 4 wheel drive, and it went just fine. Throughout the day we took the 450 Rhino in every hole we could find and it made it through everything we put it in. There were several occasions that we had to hook up to a dead machine in a hole, drag it through, and climb out. The 450 Rhino performed flawlessly throughout the entire test.


            Overall throughout the entire testing period I was extremely amazed at how well the 450 Rhino did. I was most amazed by how well it performed with the 29.5Ē Outlaws. I honestly thought it would bog down just climbing a hill, and it did everything we tried with it. Even though the Rhino did very well with the Outlaws I would not suggest them for the Rhino because we found it made the back end extremely light in turns, so much so that we spun the machine around in several turns doing no more than 10 MPH. I donít think the machine would have a problem at all turning 27Ē tires, and this is most likely what will be put on the 450 Rhino that we tested.


            The 450 Rhino is a great machine at a reasonable price. Although it wonít run with the 660 Rhino speed wise it will definitely keep up with its big brother when the going gets rough and the trails get sloppy.

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